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How To Use The Handiscoop

Published by Emily on January 10, 2020

How To Use The Handiscoop

The HandiScoop is an innovative way to clean up after your pet.

Featured on This Morning & Dragons Den, the easy-to-use scoop makes it easier and cleaner than ever before pick up poop!

How to use HandiScoop on a walk: 

The HandiScoop comes in a short size and long size. If you're fairly active and don't have problems bending or reaching, the short scoop is ideal for taking on long walks. If you have limited mobility or struggle bending, the long HandiScoop is ideal for a more comfortable reach and is great for talking on short strolls.

TOP TIP: Pre-load your scoop before the walk with 2-3 bags so you are always ready!

Can the HandiScoop be used on other surfaces?

The HandiScoop works great on most surfaces including gravel, long grass, sand and patios.  When picking up on harder surfaces, a three loaded bag will protect the jaws for hygiene reasons and can be used in conjunction with a 2-gallon bin lined bucket if picking up a lot of dog litter. As many as 100 poops could be snaffled up by just using one scoop bag! On the last pick up, simply seal the bag and dispose of with the rest of the bucket bin liner of poop. 

TOP TIP: Not just for picking up after dogs, the HandiScoop is also ideal for cleaning out cat litter. 

What size bag can you use on the scoop?

The HandiBags are a large, biodegradable bag designed for use with the HandiScoop as they measure 23cm x 27cm. However, any large bags can be used as long as the opening of the jaws is not restricted. A bag is definitely recommended to be used on the scoop to ensure it is always clean and ready to use. You can also pick up multiple times using one bag if you are picking up multiple poops in the garden and disposing of in a bin. 

You can buy both variations of the HandiScoop as well as the HandiBags.