Parallax Hay Play
Parallax Hay Play
Parallax Hay Play

Parallax Hay Play

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The original Parallax hay play ball - not a cheap imitation where the plastic bends and breaks. Hours of entertainment for a bored horse stuck in its stable or out in the field.

This unique combination horse toy encourages your horse or pony to play and be entertained.

It features thirty two flat faces which enable the feeder to roll around as the horse grazes from it, encouraging your horse to eat slower than usual and prevents any digestive problems from eating too quickly.

Additionally, the movement of the hay play challenges and entertains the horse, whilst being incredibly strong and durable enough to be played with regularly.

  • Encourages hours of play
  • 32 flat faces to roll around
  • Helps your horse to pace their eating
  • Strong and durable
  • Challenges and entertains
Also available with smaller holes for slower feeding/smaller horses. Click here for details.

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