Brambles Swan & Duck Food 1.75g

Brambles Swan & Duck Food 1.75g

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Brambles Swan & Duck Food 1.75g Features:

For generations both young and old have enjoyed feeding waterfowl with pieces of bread. But it’s now agreed that bread has many drawbacks: minimal nutritional benefit; calorific and filling thus reducing foraging for a typical, vitamin and mineral rich natural diet and the potential for fouling water and attracting vermin. At its most extreme the nutritional aspects of this can lead to a condition called Angel Wing where the flight feathers grow excessively in relation to muscle leading to the appearance of deformed wings and preventing flight. Those in the know are not missing out and avoiding feeding birds; they are just doing the responsible thing and taking Brambles Floating Swan & Duck Food to the park. Being highly palatable, nutritious and balanced to the needs of water fowl the food is approved by wildlife hospitals and rescues. As it floats it helps avoid over feeding and pollution, and typically being 25% less dense than other foods means you get to see them feed for longer!

  • Much safer than bread alternative 
  • Prevent conditions and diseases in waterfowl 
  • High in minerals and vitamins 
  • Suitable for most waterfowl, like ducks and swans  


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