Bamboo Groom Slicker

Bamboo Groom Slicker

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The Bamboo Groom Slicker is made to suit every pet and has angled pins with comfort tips for grooming making it more comfortable for your pet.

The covered pins will easily remove loose hair without hurting the skin by gently probing into the undercoat.

Using this brush on a regular basis will help to reduce shedding, prevent matting, and produce a smooth, glossy coat.

The Bamboo Groom Slicker is made from durable bamboo and has an ergonomic handle .


Small – 7 x 5 cm (2.8 x 2 inches)

Medium – 9 x 5 cm (3.5 x 2 inches)

Large – 12 x 6 cm (4.7 x 2.4 inches)

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