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How To Measure Your Dog For A Collar

Published by Emily on August 14, 2018

How To Measure Your Dog For A Collar

Finding the perfect fit for your dog's collar

A dog collar isn’t just an accessory for your dog, it’s an important way of keeping them identified if they become lost. With numerous different dog breeds and sizes, you may be confused about what size of collar your dog needs - a poorly-fitting collar can lead your dog to become uncomfortable if it’s too tight or slip out of it if it’s too loose. To measure your dog for a collar, follow our simple steps below.

Martingale collars are usually more suited to greyhounds and other dog breeds with small, narrow heads, as the style of the collar prevents their head from slipping out of it. The collar works by tightening when the dog pulls on it, and loosens when pressure is relieved, to keep them safe without it choking them. Martingale collars are also more comfortable than chain or choke collars, as they only go so tight and can be slipped over the dog’s head without a fastener.

To measure your dog for a Martingale Collar, use a soft tape measure to take the measurements at point A, B, and C as shown in the diagram above.  The size that fits within this range helps to ensure that your collar fits perfectly. For greyhounds or other dog breeds with narrow heads, the measurement at points A and B may be the same or very similar, due to their heads are often the same size or smaller than their necks. Otherwise, these measurements will be different, so a collar that is large enough to slip over the head at point A, but not too large to fit correctly at point B, is the perfect fit for your dog.

When measuring your dog for a regular-style collar, use the tape measure to fit around your dog’s neck like how you’d want the collar to fit. You should be able to fit two fingers between the tape measure and your dog’s neck - this ensures that the collar is then tight enough for it to not slip off, but not too tight that it hurts your dog.