Wahl Easy Groom Conditioner

Wahl Easy Groom Conditioner

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Wahl Easy Groom Conditioner is based on natural ingredients and contains np harmful detergents or cleansers The perfectly balanced formula containing Vitamin E, includes exceptional conditioning compounds to gently enrich, moisturise and protect the hair after shampooing The range of specifically formulated ingredients will revitalise the coat leaving it smooth, soft and shiny with no sticky or waxy residue.

  • 500ml
  • High concentrate professional formula 15:1 = 7.5 litres diluted
  • Concentrated shampoo. Dilute before usage. Mixing ratio 32:1

  • No sticky or waxy residue
  • Suitable for all coat types for animals including dogs, cats, horses, cattle, goats, llama, alpaca, rabbits, ferrets.

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