Self Grooming Cat Arch
Self Grooming Cat Arch

Self Grooming Cat Arch

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Grooming cats can often be a struggle, but thanks to this innovative product it's never been simpler! Consisting of an arch-shaped brush, the design of this product enables your feline friend to effectively brush and clean themselves by simply walking through the arch.

To encourage cats to walk through the brush arch, a sachet of cat nip is included with the arch along with a toy mouse hanging from the arch for the cat to play with.

This product provides cat owners with an easier way of brushing stubborn or scared cats, as the bristles are durable enough to clean efficiently whilst still being soft and gentle to your cat's fur.

  • Base size: 35cm x 27.5cm.
  • Length of string: 13cm (with mouse).
  • Features catnip and a toy mouse.
  • Enables self-grooming.
  • Arched-brush for cat to walk under.

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