Reflector Bridle Bands
Reflector Bridle Bands

Reflector Bridle Bands

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Keep your horse extra safe during walks in the evening, with the help of these reflector bridle bands. The set of three bands are perfectly designed from yellow fabric with reflective strips, both of which help to increase your horse’s visibility whilst out during the dark. Thanks to the reflective quality of the bands, they shine brightly in vehicle headlights to alert traffic of your horse and encourage them to drive slower and more safely. Simply slip the three bands onto your bridle for extra visibility, and they fit comfortably onto both cheekpieces and the browband with ease.

  • Bright yellow fabric.
  • Reflective strips for visibility.
  • Set of three bands.
  • Slips onto the bridle easily.
  • Fits comfortably onto the cheekpieces and browband.

Code: DC1753